The Breakup

I think me and bathroom stall #2 broke up. I mean, I can’t be sure because like were we even really together? its only been like what a month? So the other day I just finished doing by business and when I flushed he sprayed all over my leg! Like wth dude, who does that?!? Is that even a thing? I was so disgusted I left right away and haven’t visited him since.

ANYWAY, I hit up stall #3 today. I was a little wary because he had a little smudge at the bottom of the base but come on! Nobody’s perfect! I mean he was totally waiting around while I was seeing stall #2 exclusively. I think I deserve to give him a chance at least. Plus – I totally think stall #2 was seeing other girls on the side because I saw a bobby pin left on the floor and HELLO. it wasn’t mine. Ugh – its so hard to find a good bathroom stall these days. -_-


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