Ah, The Dreaded Intro Post

Sometimes your mind is so clear and fresh you find yourself thinking brilliant thoughts that you’re shocked even belong to such an insigificant little head, but they are coming so fast and so fluid there’s absolutely no space in your insignificant little head to possibly contain them all for eternity, and how beautiful they are that you would want to grasp on to them for all eternity, and that terrifying feeling that if you don’t write them down you will never think up these beautiful eternal thoughts ever again; you can feel them rushing out of your insigificant little brain at the same speed that they were rushing in and that – that, is when you blog.


One thought on “Ah, The Dreaded Intro Post

  1. I have a strict love/hate relationship with that feeling – when you can feel some semblance of genius filtering through your brain for a fleeting moment, all the while enjoying it and sensing it isn’t going to make its way to your memory! That is ABSOLUTELY when you blog. ❤

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