Twitch Summary 5/10

Today I made a twitch :]

I wanted to test out my new PS4 camera as well as play a couple of quick trials matches before reset – and that’s what I did! It was fun, I found some people to play with off of LFG and had some pretty good success. I’m excited because I’ve been doing better in trials lately… lighthouse one day!

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SpartanGod56 (Special thanks to Spartan for being an amazing BF and supporter of all my things)

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Coupon Haul: Didn’t Go As Planned

Couponing is hard. I thought that figuring out all the deals, rummaging through my apartment recycling bin for RedPlums, and printing online coupons would be the hard part, but guess what – it totally wasn’t! The hard part was getting into the store and actually finding all of the products that I was looking for. Hey – I’m usually up for a treasure hunt, but this was a little ridiculous!

I started out at Walmart and let me tell you, the Walmart that I am used to in the suburbs isn’t crowded, the aisles have plenty of space, and I’ve got the layout memorized. The Walmart that I went to today was THE WALMART OF YOUR NIGHTMARES. No space, super crowded, and filled with really weird people. I lasted about 10 minutes and then fled. A small amount of savings was not worth dealing with that forsaken place.

So, off to Target! I’m super bummed because I couldn’t find most of the items I had planned to buy! They were either sold out, or not on sale like the internet said they would be… Anyway here’s what I ended up with..IMG_20160403_183711560.jpg

  • Scoopaway Cat Litter – I was supposed to pick this up at Walmart (lower price) but I just told you how that went. So this litter is normally 9.99 but Target had it on sale for 8.99. Then I had an online coupon from for $2 off. I also paid this with a $2 rebate on the Shopmium app, making this litter only $4.99.
  • Mountain Dew Kick Start – Normally priced $1.19, Target had this on sale for $0.99. I used a $0.75 rebate on the Mobisave app, so technically I paid $0.24.
  • Barilla Pronto Pasta, reg. $1.42 but on sale for $1.27. I used a $0.55 online coupon, and a 30% off Cartwheel offer, so the final price was $0.34. (Cartwheel is Target’s savings smartphone app)
  • Temptations Cat Treats $1.89, used an old Catalina coupon I randomly had in my purse which actually made this free. (Catalina coupons are the coupons that print out at the cash register after some purchases).
  • Old El Paso Taco Seasoning $2.52 for 3 packets, used an online coupon for $1 off of 3 packets, so I paid $1.52.

Soooo after all of the coupons, sales, and rebates I paid $7.09 for $17.01 worth of items. That’s everything at 58.3% discount. This deal would have been even sweeter if I had a Target Red Card (a debit card that gives you 5% off all target purchases!!) Why don’t I have one of these already??

Overall, I feel bittersweet about it. I am happy with my purchases – at the same time I’m disappointed because my haul wasn’t as big and as great as I had planned. Although since this is my first time couponing, maybe I should give myself a break. Plus, all of the things I bought I actually need! I would have paid full price for them anyway, so that’s a pro! The con’s would be that some of the rebates take a while to paypal me the money, or I have to hit certain limits before they do, so I’m technically out of those funds for a while… meh.

So guys, do you coupon? What was your first time like? Should I continue giving it a try? I’d love to know! If you enjoyed reading about this haul please let me know in the comments! I’ve also included links below to all of the apps and coupons I used in case you want to get in on some of these deals! Happy hunting!

Xoxo, Janessa Christine Use Code: KMMMGYFP for a Free Lindt Chocolate Bar
$2.00 off 1 Scoop Away cat litter
$0.55 off ONE box of Barilla Pronto Pasta
$1.00 off 3 Old El Paso products

The Breakup

I think me and bathroom stall #2 broke up. I mean, I can’t be sure because like were we even really together? its only been like what a month? So the other day I just finished doing by business and when I flushed he sprayed all over my leg! Like wth dude, who does that?!? Is that even a thing? I was so disgusted I left right away and haven’t visited him since.

ANYWAY, I hit up stall #3 today. I was a little wary because he had a little smudge at the bottom of the base but come on! Nobody’s perfect! I mean he was totally waiting around while I was seeing stall #2 exclusively. I think I deserve to give him a chance at least. Plus – I totally think stall #2 was seeing other girls on the side because I saw a bobby pin left on the floor and HELLO. it wasn’t mine. Ugh – its so hard to find a good bathroom stall these days. -_-

Office Etiquette: 101


officeIt’s been a little more than a month since I’ve started what I like to call my “big girl job”. I’ve had a lot of jobs before this one, but none quite as serious and definitely on a smaller pay scale. Starting my first business job hasn’t been easy but it has been entirely me. I don’t feel pressured to be anything more than natural and hardworking. When I tell people that I work at a finance firm I shock myself a little bit. It all sounds so professional and grown up! The other day I was getting my hair done, chatting away saying “Yeah but there’s no kids like me there”. Kids. Kids? And then it hit me. I’m not a kid anymore. And its not even cute to refer to myself as a kid like it is when your 19 or 20 trying to hold on to a bit of your youth. I’m 24, working a full-time salaried job. I pay my student loans and my taxes, all my expenses besides health insurance and rent. I’m literally a hop skip and a jump away from moving out, getting married, and being an official adult. Whoa. Anyway since I’ve been doing this for about a month now I’m starting to get a hang of whats accepted around my office, so I decided to let you in on a few things I’ve learned so far about the business life.

Everyone survives on coffee. If you thought you even stood a chance of not getting addicted – think again. Your boss offers to buy you Starbucks (which is conveniently located on the 1st floor of the building) at least twice a week. Any training or meeting is accompanied by a carafe just begging to be poured. You find yourself dependent on the drug, and when you receive a serious headache on your first day off it hits you – your addicted. And yes, the coffee in the break room really is free and it doesn’t matter if its 2pm the river flows all. day. long.

Nobody hangs out in the bathroom. You know the one where you escape to send a text or play a quick round of candy crush? Yeah. Be prepared to hear at least 7 other women finish their business by the time you realize that your the only one taking a text break. You better hope no one peeked under the stall to glance at your shoes because if so, they’re going to think you were cooking up a huge fudge dragon for the past twenty minutes. 🐉💩 PS. The second stall is the best. No one knows why.

Passing greetings are mandatory. You must say “hello” as you pass another person in the hallway. You might not even know their name or haven’t even seen their face before – it’s irrelevant. You’re walking down the hallway, you’re at the copier, you’re washing your hands in the restroom but without fail they say “hi” and you give this awkward smile that says I’m pretty sure this is fifth time we’ve crossed paths today but I’m still going to say hi to try and make this a little less awkward than it already is “hello”. Unless its a Friday. If its a Friday a mandatory “Happy Friday!” is to be expected. I’m pretty sure its in the employee handbook.

CAPITAL LETTERS DON’T MEAN SOMEONE IS YELLING AT YOU.  It means that they were just using an application that requires all caps and are too lazy to change the case. I too am guilty of emails like, “THANK YOU!” or “JUST MADE COFFEE, GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT!”

Women and children first please. Okay, there’s no children at work, but when it comes to the elevator its very clear that women are sacred beings. I’m not sure who invented the rule that the entire male species should wait for the woman to enter the elevator first but it has occurred every day without fail. The male might be assertive and step in front of you to stop the elevator door from closing until you pass, or he might just put his arm out signaling your right to enter. Whatever the style,it is clear that women have the royal treatment. The jury’s still out on whether I like this or not. While its a great reminder that chivalry is in fact not dead after all, I zone out all the time and leave this guy standing there with his arm out for seconds – that feel like hours – until I remember I’m the queen. 👑

I’m sure I’m forgetting ton’s more “office etiquette” that I’ve ran into so far! What’s something that happens in your office culture? Leave a comment below!

I Got The Part!

It was last week that I heard about San Diego City Colleges production of In The Heights – one of my favorite shows! I took my sister Raelene to see the Broadway tour a couple of years ago, and also saw The Rep’s version last summer. From the beginning I fell in love with the character of Vanessa. I’ve always thought she would be so fun to play; she is sassy, sexy, and has a huge dance number that closes the first act! So when I heard about auditions I was so elated, and emailed the director about getting an audition time (because I couldn’t make normal auditions).


So on Monday night I checked in, grabbed a name tag and a libretto and sat down by the piano. There were about 25 girls and 15 guys gathered in front of the directors on a small stage. The way the ran auditions (or callbacks?) was very interesting. They taught us a part, in this case a section of Breathe (Nina’s Song), and anyone who wanted to sing was allowed to try. I’m used to more control by the directors, picking who they wanted to hear, but this way was so fun! It felt collaborative and really encouraging instead of intimidating. Everyone was so friendly and easy to talk to – unlike any audition I had ever been to. I worked up enough courage to sing and stood up to go. Perhaps the acoustics were great in that theater but I was feeling it, and I did great! I sang the section, they wrote down my name (I’m sure they weren’t expecting much since I hadn’t been at the first audition) and I sat back down.

The boys sang for Usnavi and Benny, and we sang a small section for Vanessa from 96,000. Then some sang Calor for Abuela Claudia. I sat that one out because I wasn’t the best at that song and I didn’t want to risk it! We were done after that, they sent us home and then told us to come back on Wednesday.

Fast forward two days later, we started stretching on the stage and learned a short hip hop section. We performed that, and then did some salsa dancing. I’ve never really done salsa but I know how to move so I went with the flow and smiled my way through! Dancing is my forte so I felt like I could really let loose and shine in this phase of the audition. The choreographer even whispered that I had a great smile as she wrote my name down 😀

Afterwards, we all sat on the stage and took turns reading from the script, again in the whoever-runs-up-the-fastest-gets-to-try style. This is the part where I felt I screwed up, I was so nervous to read for the part of Nina that I waited too long, and by the time I was about to jump up and go – they moved on to another scene! Dangit! This next time they called me up on stage to read, but not for Nina or Vanessa, it was for the part of Carla –  the ditsy comedic relief of the show. And if you know me, I’m not really funny. Haha, anyway, I gave it a try of course! It was fun, but I was really worried that I hadn’t had a chance to read for Nina or Vanessa. I mean, does that mean they weren’t considering me for one of those roles? The directors said they just wanted to see people read in general, not for a specific part but they never really mean it. Do they?

After that they made some cuts. They kept about ten girls to sing the exact same sections that we sang the first night, and then we were done, told to come back on Thursday once again.

I drove home so confused and so worried! I hadn’t read for the part I wanted and it was no one’s fault but my own. In every show I’ve ever been in, if you don’t read for the part you never get it. I ended up meeting my friend Toni to work out at the gym to blow of some steam. We had just finished making a fool out of ourselves on the bench press when I picked up her bag to move machines. My phone was ringing! And it was from a number I didn’t know!

When I answered, the assistant director informed me that they had cast me as Vanessa!! I was so shocked and elated that I started jumping up and down in the gym! I was on cloud 9 and it didn’t matter how many guys stared at two silly girls disrupting their workout – I did it! I remember asking him if he was joking to which he laughed and congratulated me before he hung up the phone.

I had landed the part that I really wanted! The biggest part of my life to be honest! I immediately texted my family and friends the good news but then had to continue my work out before the gym closed. (Side note – this LA fitness three day pass is totally not going to work out. What gym closes at 11?? I want to go to the gym when I’m wide awake and can’t find anything else to do!)


Karen Olivo as Vanessa

Okay. Back to being excited. I’m looking forward to the show and at the same time really nervous to live up to how I sang at auditions. Although I do believe  that this was well deserved and totally what I needed. I haven’t had a lead role since high school and haven’t even been on stage since 2010. Ever since I went to New York (blog posts to come) my need to be on stage has been insatiable. There’s a big word for ya 😉

At the same time there’s a small tinge of sadness. I mean, for every girl that gets the part there’s always 20 more that didn’t. And I’ve been that girl so many times, it’s a little hard to be super excited while realizing that. I’ve only been able to say those words a couple of times in my life,

I got the part!

And believe me I’ve been in A LOT of shows.

When was the last time you were so ecstatic that you “got the part?” Leave a comment below!

Ah, The Dreaded Intro Post

Sometimes your mind is so clear and fresh you find yourself thinking brilliant thoughts that you’re shocked even belong to such an insigificant little head, but they are coming so fast and so fluid there’s absolutely no space in your insignificant little head to possibly contain them all for eternity, and how beautiful they are that you would want to grasp on to them for all eternity, and that terrifying feeling that if you don’t write them down you will never think up these beautiful eternal thoughts ever again; you can feel them rushing out of your insigificant little brain at the same speed that they were rushing in and that – that, is when you blog.